WOMC on top, followed closely by WJR. I see both dropping next period as WNIC assumes the top spot with Christmas music and WJR falls as a result of the election being over. This was a very good election season for WJR though. They'll maintain some of that gain through the Lions season. WXYT's loss is WJR's gain.

With the exception of WXYT, which fell sharply after the Tigers season, and currently only have the Wings airing, and WYCD , which held steadyall of the top 10 stations saw gains in cume .

In the Country Music race, NASH saw a slight gain. If they are finally getting some local ad sales, this station should be doing well, business wise, for Cumulus, as it must cost next to nothing to operate.

105.1 saw another significant drop and now trails NASH. I wonder if the Pistons impacted this at all. They and AMP are now tied.