Found The Eastern Limit of KAZG Translator
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Thread: Found The Eastern Limit of KAZG Translator

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    Found The Eastern Limit of KAZG Translator

    After happily cavorting all over the metro area with Oldies KAZG 92.7 blasting away in my car I finally found out where it peters out on the east side - and it wasn't too far away. I had occasion to drive the Woman Who Drives Me to an appointment at Dobson and Frye. 93.3 HD2 was still going strong but my smartphone doesn't have an HD chip so I flipped over to 92.7 and........nada. Well, almost nada. I could hear their signal deeply buried in hash but it was far less than listenable. The car radio however pulled in their HD translator just fine. Weird to have an FM signal die out before its HD counterpart.
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    Most likely fumes from the Chandler Fashion Center food court are interfering with their 250 watts raining down from South Mtn. Either that or someone cut the cheese in the parking lot and that stopped the RF cold dead! When all else fails, remember KAZG broadcasts in low def Ancient Modulation at 14~Forty. And even with 52 watts at night, there's a 50/50 chance you can hear audio over all the Spanish language stations on the same frequency. Buena suerte desde sus amigos de Buckeye!
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