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Thread: Anybody airing Christmas music yet?

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    According to someone on Facebook who showed a photo, Sirius XM Holly is already back for this year.

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    Here in Nashville, the trend has actually been AWAY from early starts. One year, it was around Nov. 11th (Christian AC station, I think); another year, it was November 19th (although that may have actually been just a preview). Last year, it wasn't until Thanksgiving, which is what I expect again this year.

    One area mall has now also reversed trend, and will be closed on Thanksgiving, although anchor stores could still open.

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    WMXL, Lexington (Mix 94.5) flipped Halloween morning, as they've done the past couple years. WAY too early IMO.

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    iHeart's WMAG Greensboro NC when I checked on Veteran's Day. I didn't verify that it was just a special weekend as some of the stations have done, but I also didn't hear anyone say that it was.

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    I was just reminded when I heard Karen Carpenter on KKOV. I heard Karen's angelic voice singing Christmas music in Concord Mills, a mall in Concord, NC. I don't know the source of their music, whether Muzak or some other company. However, most of it was either AC-sounding versions of traditional songs (Karen is not AC) or actual AC songs about Christmas that I didn't know. Santa arrived on Veterans' Day, so at the very least that was a good reason.

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    KRWK (Mix 101.9) here in Fargo Just flipped to Christmas music today

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    I could of course have turned on WMAG at home, but I was listening yesterday. It wasn't just a weekend preview.

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    WLYF-HD2 in Miami is airing Christmas music.

    LITE FM Holiday Channel

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    KRWM 106.9 Seattle "Warm 106.9"
    KPLZ 101.5 Seattle, Star 101.5 has also flipped. They have never flipped to entirely Christmas fare before. Suspecting a format flip?
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    KYMX Mix 96 in Sacramento, CA Started early

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