Best AAA station today in 2016 - I have THREE!!!
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Thread: Best AAA station today in 2016 - I have THREE!!!

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    Best AAA station today in 2016 - I have THREE!!!

    I have three * 1) KCSN 88.5 - what Sky Daniels has done there is amazing. I live in the South Bay near LAX and I have a good Tivoli table radio that gets 88.5 solid. Thanks to TuneIn, I can also listen to KCSN in my new Toyota Camry as I leave Los Angeles County into Orange Co (where I work) without signal loss and getting KSBR (where I DJ'd when I was a younger bear cub). I love the music mix with new artists and the deeper classic rock that KSWD 100.3 will not play. I wished they had the signal ala KCRW - I'll be satisfied. But, it works at home and TuneIn in my car. ** 2) KCMP "The Current" 89.3 (KPCC 89.3 HD2 Pasadena/LA) - Hiw lucky we are in Los Angeles to have 'The Current' from MPR on HD2 in Los Angeles. When I bought my new Camry in 2015 it had HD Radio, though I wanted the Entune system for Sirius-XM. Well, when I found out 89.3 HD2 was broadcasting "The Current", a station I loved for many years via online, I use HD Radio most of the time while driving and when not listening to KNX or KCSN. I love the music mix they're doing, including great local Minnesota artists outside of The Jayhawks or Bob Mould. Mark Wheat has a killer accent and he's mentioned me on air so many times, especially 'The Global Shoutout' each weeknight at 6:30pm pacific. When Prince unrxoectku died in the Spring, this station played Prince's entire catalog while receiving worldwide notoriety as Prince himself was a fan of 'The Current'. I'm listening to 'The Current' while typing this and playing Elohim. Would any other commercial alternative station play Elohim? They're doing a great service to music lovers on the air and online. *** 3) KCRW 89.9 and HD2 "Eclectic24" - I listen to KCRW mostly for Eceletic24 and I think it's a nicely programmed station. I think they just played Elohim before I went to 'The Current'. They have the watts, unlike KCSN but I do like the mix which is more Avant-garde and different even to KCSN. They are a class-act and enjoyable to hear Rickie Lee Jones then The Lagoons 'California' - Stunning. I do donate $ to all three stations, and this bear is proud to do it. The return I get keeps me happy. Joe G. 'Bear'

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    I like KCSN. I tried your other 2 stations -- I have HD radios in the car and at home -- but they did not catch on with me. Of the few commeercial stations across the country, my favorite is Clear 101.7 (KLRR) in Bend, Oregon. I stream that one. My favorite of all time...KNX-FM! That was before the AAA format name was coined.

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