October 2016 Ratings
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    October 2016 Ratings


    The Ticket remains on top, I think they drop to 2 or 3 in the next period. BIG jump for WJR, likely the election and the Lions. WNIC saw a slight increase, they'll be on top once they flip to Christmas music, which I suspect will happen by the end of next week. Slight drop for WWJ, which is surprising, and a gain for WYCD. Coupled with a drop for NASH, the spread between the two is getting back to what it was, although, WYCD still no longer routinely locks up the top spot and NASH is pulling what Doug-FM used to.

    WMGC fell even more to earth, dropping to #12 and a 4.1 cume. The format switch glow is clearly over. Another drop, and they are only pulling what their AC format pulled, although the demos with this are likely more favorable.

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    WNIC is starting Christmas music on November 3 which is a Thursday

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