Sex Scandal at the FCC
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Thread: Sex Scandal at the FCC

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    Sex Scandal at the FCC

    Apparently a sex scandal at the FCC has hit the press.

    Nice to know that the people responsible for regulating your industry are a bunch
    of reprobates, eh?

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    Given recent comments on this forum they probably had little else to do.
    Illegitimi non carborundum

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    no wonder we can't get Pirates hung

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRBIboredop View Post
    no wonder we can't get Pirates hung
    I dunno.....guess it depends what kind of porn sites they're actually on.

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    Hypocrites of FCC that makes rules for broadcast TV there minds are in the gutter LOL. The new commish will have to clean up the sex scandal at the FCC.

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