Long Islands Newest Radio Station is 98.1 W251BY
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Thread: Long Islands Newest Radio Station is 98.1 W251BY

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    Long Islands Newest Radio Station is 98.1 W251BY

    JVC Broadcasting recently signed on 98.1 W251BY Patchogue.
    The station is currently retransmitting WPTY-FM (Party 105).

    The station has a pretty respectable reach on the south shore of Suffolk County.

    Perhaps JVC has more in store for this signal as there is overlap with the Party 105 coverage area.

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    My friend said going to re broadcast party HD once I get the HD installed and turned on. so for now I am just re broadcasting party my friend own JVC

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    The translator is now broadcasting 60's and 70's pop songs. They are using the name, "Oldies 98." Apparently WPTY 105.3 FM now has at least 1 HD subchannel, to provide the content to the translator.

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    The station was off the air election day week and returned with Party 105.
    Perhaps a ghost in the HD machine?

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    The power went out at tower

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    The station is back on since last week and has gotten some favorable comments on other boards and in the media.

    Interesting that JVC turned on both 105.3 HD-2 and HD-3. Both are currently broadcasting Oldies 98.

    The station also has a website at www.oldies98li.com that seems to be a work in progress.

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    I'm hearing 98.1 consistently in Meriden, CT, some 20 miles north of what is supposed to be its deepest fringe, with nothing but my stock car FM receiver and shark fin antenna. Pretty good for 250 watts, if that's indeed what they're putting out.

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    Stream should be up this weekend

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    Stream is up as of this post:

    website (as mentioned above): www.oldies98li.com

    Streaming Audio player: http://radio.securenetsystems.net/v5/WPTYHD2

    Streaming Audio direct URL to plug in to various media players: http://ice64.securenetsystems.net/WPTYHD2 (32 kbps, 44.1 mHz, stereo, AAC)

    While the stream itself is in stereo, the programming being fed into it sounds like it's in mono.
    This is understandable since the station is an HD2 of 105.3 feeding a translator at 98.1.
    In order to put out the best possible/strongest/furthest reaching signal, mono is likely the best solution.

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    Here's the Android App for Oldies 98.1 FM available at the Google Play Store.


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