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Thread: Low power digital TV in Montgomery?

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    Question Low power digital TV in Montgomery?

    According to my records, there are a few low power digital TV broadcasts that should be on the air now in Montgomery, in addition to WALE and WFRZ and WDSF, which have been on a while.

    I'm showing channel 4 is WNHT-LD, owned by Richardson Broadcasting up in Birmingham. It's listed as on the air by Rabbit Ears but they don't have a format listed.

    DTV America recently filed licenses to cover for two of their LDTV outlets in the area: 21 WHDK-LD and 26 WEYB-LD but I haven't heard anything about them. DTV America usually puts on stations that feature programming like what WALE and WDSF are currently carrying.

    Can anyone pick these stations up and let me know if they're actually on the air?

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    All I'm getting on my cheap rabbit ears are WALE and WFRZ. I can't even get WSFA in the middle of Montgomery.

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