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    What I meant was a WGBH-TV-produced program (PBS can't make shows, but member statons could on their own and/or syndicate it to other markets), and the Car Talk hosts made a guest appearence on one of the shows WGBH syndicates. This show is also popular for recently introducing the so-called "fist meme" from a show made by WGBH.

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    WNPR Connecticut Public Radio has cut airings to once a week. Saturdays at 10AM. Used to be Saturdays and Sundays.

    Another Connecticut NPR network owned by Sacred Heart University still carry Car Talk.

    91.1 WSHU-FM Saturdays at 10AM
    1260 WSHU Saturdays at 10AM
    103.3 WQQQ Saturdays at 10AM
    89.9 WSUF Saturdays at 10AM
    88.1 WESU Satudays at 10AM (Affiliated with WSHU, but also runs their own College Programming)

    New England Public Radio in Springfield, MA still airs it Saturdays at 11AM. WFCR 88.5, but it's no longer airing on WNNZ AM 640.

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