CBS Radio to Launch ''Loveline with Amber Rose"

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Thread: CBS Radio to Launch ''Loveline with Amber Rose"

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    Post CBS Radio to Launch ''Loveline with Amber Rose"

    This is a new version of Loveline and this time it will air on CBS Radio via the podcast distribution.

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    Part of the new focus at CBS, as they start to build a new online and podcasting empire. Previously this would have been done by CBS Interactive, but that division apparently will remain with the TV side of the business.
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    Loveline was a talk-show starting on KROQ Pasadena then being picked up for syndication. It's one appeal was the call-in feature where listeners called in and audience members heard these live calls. As a podcast I don't see this going anywhere and I don't see video adding anything. Remember, Loveline was on MTV and the picture added IMHO nothing.

    Loveline is IMHO live or nothing.
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