August 2016 Ratings
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    August 2016 Ratings

    105.1, featuring the new 'classic hip hop' format flies to #1 with an 8 rating! What a change from the sub 1 rating of the sports format. They knocked The Ticket out of first place in the midst of the Tigers fighting for a playoff spot. The selection of this format is proving to be stroke of genius thus far. WJR made a strong showing for 3rd place. Greater Media's other Detroit stations also made the Top 10. WYCD fell a bit while NASH gained a bit. The big story is the big gain by 105.1 though. If this holds, look for this format to debut in other markets.

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    A little more than expected for 105.1, but if you listened you knew they got it right. They crafted a mass appeal classic hip hop rnb station, they made it for everyone.

    I remember the first time I heard Boom in Philly, broke my heart. I knew the potential, this is a mass appeal format yet radio one was running it as if only African Americans were the intended listeners, a majority of the market wanted this type of station and they were ignoring them, really giving them the finger saying your nostalgia doesn't matter, pzz off!

    The gritty cities with a history of this music are going to embrace any station that does this right, as WMGC, "The Bounce"(perfect name) has done. Now there is no way they will obtain an 8 share beyond this book, they will fall back down to earth for sure, but if executed correctly and since this is the first one of this format to that, it should maintain a top 5 presence in the key money demos going forward.

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