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Thread: 1400 Fort Lauderdale...going..going.....gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johntherogger View Post
    This is exactly what would work and it's wonderful to hear someone who still cares about radio like this.
    Great...make the owner an offer. I bet he'd take the first $200K that walked in the door. The two of you can easily raise that money.

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    What? You mean my money and not somebody else's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr8oldies View Post
    What? You mean my money and not somebody else's?
    Ha! Exactly. You & I have talked about those guys outside Knoxville running an oldies station on a similarly challenged AM. A former radio engineer and a few of his friends. There is a similar station outside Boston. It doesn't take much money these days. No reason why there can't be one in every city.

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    The guy who used to run WKQV in northwest Broward county is a retired millionair, but he has lost all interest in radio. :-(
    Ai4i has Always Been on the Trailing Edge of Technology!

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    With all the talk about WFLL 1400 going on one of the two WEXY 1520 towers . . . though this article was relevant to the conversation. Its from the North Jersey.com news site. WEXY, as we known, is owned by Multicultural Radio Broadcasting. The article is about Korean Radio Broadcasting Inc., the LMA'er who purchases and programs WWRU-AM 24/7, have filed the lawsuit against Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, Inc., and allege that MRBI is not doing the proper repair, maintain, and operate the station towers, transmitter sites and equipment for WWRU-AM 1660. Its a good read . . . .

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    And as for WIRA 1400 AM in Fort Pierce, which, if WFLL 1400 moved too far north (or anywhere out of the Fort Lauderdale metro area and not on WEXY's stick) they'd interfere with WIRA; WIRA is having their own interference issues with their translator at 97.1 causing problems for WOSN 97.1 FM in Vero Beach. A good pick up by Alex Browne over on the R.I U.S Radio by State boards, Radio in Florida, under "WOSN Interference."

    Wonder where WFLL 1400 will end up, if ever . . . .
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    There's is a great story, just published yesterday, (over on R.I) regarding Cumulus shutting down WTOD-AM 1470 in Toledo, Ohio (the Wikipedia Link already updated with the latest on the shutdown).

    I mention WTOD's fate, as I feel it is relevant to the WFLL 1400 discussion.

    WTOD's fate: they've been on a STA for 13 years, since 2003, and it was set to expire today, Sunday the 25th (Just like WFLL, as you have noted). WTOD has a faulty ground system, and tower issues, multiple CPs in place for repairs and tower relocation. The argument for turning the license in was cost vs. return on the investment, and Cumulus felt it best to just turn in the license and let someone else take a crack at it.

    Someone else pointed out that it is Cumulus' second AM shutdown: they also took WTOD 1450 in Hartville, SC as well for the same reasons.

    Another person pointed out that we could be seeing more of these standalone AMs shutting down, that its hard to sell them, and that Cumulus did the right thing in turning it in.

    So, while this thread and others threads have talked about saving/what would I do with WFLL, is honorable, if a company like Cumulus can't do it, who can? WFLL has no land, no towers . . . . Then you get into the whole rent vs. issue argument. Then, there's the cost of an FM translator to re-brand argument, which seems to be the only way these small AM's can survive--with a translator. Major bucks to spend.

    So, the question is, wouldn't it just be better for the owners who got WFLL in the bankruptcy to just turn in the license? And as with the opinion of WTOD, "let someone take a try at it with WFLL."

    But I wonder (personal opinion moments, now): If the translators really improve the AM's fortunes: 1340 WPBR has four translators. Beasley's Boca Cluster has three (WNNN has one; two are on WSBR). Is it really, does anyone know, if it improved their financial situtation/ratings? These are all brokered outlets; does that mean they can increase the brokering fees, thus make more money, as result of increased signal being on the "FM?"

    I can see if you're flipping the AM to a music format (or real, live-local talk) and translating and re-branding as an FM (WSUV Seaview 960 AM, now known as 95.9 the Palm via a translator as an example; in fact, they're on two translators, using the stronger FM for the "rebrand"), and they are out on the street, doing promotions, handing out swag and building "the brand." But brokered AM? There's no promotion (outside of what the paid host does out of their own pocket) no swag, nothing. I can see Beasley holding on, but how is WPRB running an AM and four translators. The montly cost of operating five sites must be astronomical.

    Also have to note: FM rebranding does work -- in the WPB books WSVU from May to June, across four months, went from a 1.0 to a 1.4, and high as a 1.6, for a station, when it was just Seaview 960 AM with no translators, never showed in the books. In fact, it wasn't even a pure music station; they were brokering weekends and evenings to generate income to survive -- and 95.9 The Palm is pure music, no brokering.
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    There's a finite number of translators available in metropolitan areas. So chances of getting three or four in a populated area isn't good. In any case, you're talking about a major investment for long term return. A stand-alone AM is a hobby, not a source for profits. There are much better investments out there.

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    On 9-9-2016, granted STA to operate WFLL daytime only and at reduced power.

    The CP authorizes to construct co-located facility with unlimited hours, non-directional 1000kw-D/N, and they have to install filters so as to not interfere with WEXY’s directional nighttime pattern. WEXY operates non-directionally during the daytime from one tower, directional at nighttime from two towers.

    WFLL has ordered, but not received, the equipment necessary to complete the mods. It’s expected to arrive the last week of September and operations could resume second week of October. But the filtering equipment for both stations to operate in the night time won’t be ready until October 24 (thus, the daytime/reduced power being temporarily granted).

    Scroll to bottom of the FCCdata.org link for WFLL's page, to BSTA 20160826AAB 9/9/2016 to link out to the FCC gov page for the full application info.

    And tune in between October 9 to the 15th to see if WFLL goes back on the air (during the daytime).

    After reading the North Jersey.com news site (see post #25 above) regarding the allegations by WWRU's LMA'ers, wondering about the condition of WEXY's site. And that transmitter building looks pretty small (from Google Earth perspective). Will WFLL's equipment all fit in there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    Ha! Exactly. You & I have talked about those guys outside Knoxville running an oldies station on a similarly challenged AM. A former radio engineer and a few of his friends. There is a similar station outside Boston. It doesn't take much money these days. No reason why there can't be one in every city.
    This would be so fantastic to have a station like this in South Florida (especially WFLL). I'd work there, probably for free or minimum wage, and work my tail off to help make it successful. To dream!

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