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Were the studios for WFTL/WGLO in that plaza at Oakland and Federal at the time? Where did Ray Smithers, the man in the video, end up?

Ray is alive and well, living just north of the Palm Beaches. A very nice and talented man.

Lauderdale has definitely grown up, much of it happening in just the past 20 years. Parts of the city I used to frequent don't even look the same as they did in 2008 when I moved to Victoria Park. I still think WFTL could hold its own as a Broward-centric station if it were well programmed and was on a FM translator. I'd settle for an oldies station too! We dare to dream...
The management of WFTL poured a lot of money and resources into the station. It was more than just music, a killer local news department and fun, topical promotions that attracted and kept listeners. It's clear that radio has turned it's back on the people who grew up with it, the boomers. Case in point 92.1 in Palm Beach had great overall numbers with their mix of older music. Just not the right numbers, today it's Spanish and the overall 6+ numbers aren't as good, but I guess they have more sellable numbers for the ad agencies.

Even in it's heyday WFTL was a great 35+ station. A lot of the time sales were direct to retailers. You'd have to bring back Britts Department Stores, and Running The Florist.

Don't get me wrong, it would be great if they did some sort of oldies format but it's not going to happen.