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Thread: How many dance friendly stations did Phoenix have?

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    yes especially with their huge jump in ratings. Their are tied now with KNRJ (ironically) with a 1.0
    KAZG, in 25-54, is still sitting in the same 0.1 to 0.2 range they always were at. That is good for 40th to 43rd rank in the market.

    KNRJ has been averaging in the mid-1's to low-2's in 25-54, so there is no comparison with KAZG there. Of course, KNRJ is an 18-34 station so there is no comparison point, anyway, with a 65+ targeted format.

    The recent spike seems to be coming from a single household in the 65+ demo, similar to what happened in November and December of last year.

    With a good local sales force, they can, perhaps, make a bit of money off this but they will not be playing in the big leagues.
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