Looking For advice on Tropospheric Propagation
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Thread: Looking For advice on Tropospheric Propagation

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    Looking For advice on Tropospheric Propagation

    I am the PD of KHYI in Dallas. Our frequency is 95.3 . The station has always had a problem with "ducting" in the Summer months, but within the last year and half, a station in Glen Rose has come on the air also on 95.3 and the "ducting" issue has gotten worse and more frequent. Their tower is more than the legal distance from us, so they are not doing anything wrong there. My question becomes is there anything we can do or any equipment we could buy that would lessen the effects of tropospheric interference?

    Thanks for any advice!

    C Taylor

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    Since it appears you can't move any closer to Dallas/FTW, maybe lowering your HAAT to 150 meters and increasing your ERP to 50,000 might help, but not likely being that far out.

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    Moving to Single Side Band or just straight up Mono can improve reception on the fringes of your coverage area. Ducting and Tunneling really don't have a cure other than proximity to the tower and, in some cases you will still see issues when the conditions are right for it.

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    I got a good chuckle at vacuum tube's comment. Sure, just degrade your facility, that will fix it!

    When you have a moment, need a little more detail:

    1. Is the concern with interference inside or outside your "city grade" contour? What has been the impact of this issue?

    2. Are you getting listener complaints, or is this something that you or your staff notice?

    3. Do you notice the interference more where there is terrain shielding, does the interference move around? For example, when driving behind a hill, then the following day, not?

    4. Do you know what brand and number of antenna bays your station uses for an antenna? Are there other stations/antennas collocated on the same tower as you?

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    Forget my question Number 4. I looked up that your station is using an SWR brand 6 bay antenna.

    Checking the terrain around your populated areas within the 60dBu contour, I'm guessing that just as you may have propagation interference from a co-channel, you may actually be experiencing the effects of temperature inversions to your signal in some areas. The best way to investigate options, would be to do a field strength study in the areas of concern, then see whether some form of antenna optimization on your station would solve some of the issues.

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