KJRW 101.3 FM San Luis Obispo Donated To KCRW
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Thread: KJRW 101.3 FM San Luis Obispo Donated To KCRW

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    KJRW 101.3 FM San Luis Obispo Donated To KCRW

    El Dorado Broadcasters has broken up its San Luis Obispo cluster and the final piece is 101.3 KJRW Los Osos-Baywood, which it has agreed to donate to Santa Monica College’s 89.9 KCRW. KJRW was the former AC “Coast 101.3” KSTT. KJRW will become the sixth full powered station carrying KCRW’s programming joining 88.1 KCRY Mojave, 88.7 KDRW Santa Barbara, 89.1 KCRU Oxnard, and 89.3 KCRi Indio/Palm Springs. KCRW also operates a second signal in Santa Barbara, with its all-music stream Eclectic24 broadcast on 106.9 FM, the only market in which Eclectic24 is not relegated to an HD2 channel.
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    As a huge KCRW listener/supporter, this is great!

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    According to Jennifer Ferro, president of KCRW, KJRW will broadcast its "Eclectic 24" music channel.

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    I'm a huge fan of 'Eclectic24' KCRW 89.9 HD2 - and as of today the top of hour includes KERW Los Osos-Baywood (SLO)

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