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Thread: What's happened to EDM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregg75 View Post
    EDM artists^^^^ seem to have moved a few steps closer to mainstream Dance in their more recent stuff........but still not enough to get me listening.
    its not even EDM any more, Its downtempo Pop with Trap, Twerk, and Reggaetone beats
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    The artists have either finally accepted the limitations of pure (sound alike) EDM or their fan base has.......as it attempts to move more mainstream. Good luck with that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by itsRoly4266 View Post
    What did they consider it as at the awards?
    I watched the rest of the show today to make room for The Super Bowl and for The Chainsmokers, the clip included the lyrics "tattoo on your shoulder". Calvin Harris sang about something standing in his way. I think. Major Lazer were pretending to play cellos in the video but I couldn't understand a word.[/QUOTE]

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