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    Legal ID on Translators

    KOOL 990/96.1 runs their hourly Legal ID "WNTY and W241CG Southington." The VO Guy doing the ID says "W-Two-Four-One-C-G". I was just curious is there something wrong with saying "W-Two-Forty-One-C-G?"

    It's the same with their sister station - KOOL 1180/104.3 in Rhode Island. "WSKP and W282CB Hope Valley" saying "W-Two-Eight-Two-C-B" rather than "W-Two-Eighty-Two-C-B".
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    The legal ID for WKHB here in the Pittsburgh area includes "W231BM Clairton" and "W222CB Irwin".

    The first is pronounced "W two thirty-one BM" so evidently that's kosher.
    Both of those are said breathlessly and VERY quickly under a music bed.

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    It doesn't matter. If the really wanted to they could identify it certain times of the day (FCC has certain times), or use a FSK identifier and not do it at all.
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