Most conservative CHRs?
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Thread: Most conservative CHRs?

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    Most conservative CHRs?

    I'd probably say WZYP Huntsville, KSYN Joplin, WNDV South Bend, and 92.5 in Seattle are what I'd consider. Do you have any?

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    Depends a little bit on how you define conservative. To some, it means leaning adult. Too others, it might mean slow to add any new music until it gets into it the top 20-30 on the national CHR airplay chart. I would say the above examples are good ones. WZYP has a reputation for leaning adult. KSYN pretty much plays only songs that reach the top 20-30. WNDV probably wins the award for the lowest amount of power rotations. Currently, their "powers" are no more than 55 spins a week.

    Up until recently, I would put just about all Cumulus stations. However, some of those stations have sounded more aggressive and given more freedom to deviate from the national consultants/charts. Some of the smaller market Cumulus stations recently put Disturbed "Sound of Silence" into rotation.

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    If you mean conservative in terms of musical/lyrical content, Cumulus' CHR stations in the Bible Belt edited The Script's "Breakeven" to remove the reference to "praying to a God I don't believe in".

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    I'd probably add KMXV/Kansas City to this list too given the past few weeks. I heard them play Smash Mouth's "All Star" and Michael Jackson's "Black or White" during regular rotation, and also take it easy on the very rhythmic stuff.

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