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Thread: First again: WRAL launches ATSC 3.0 service

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    First again: WRAL launches ATSC 3.0 service

    WRAL, the Capitol Broadcasting Co.-owned NBC affiliate serving Raleigh-Durham, N.C. (DMA 25), today at noon ushered in what many in the television industry are hoping will be a renaissance in over-the-air TV broadcasting when it launched commercial ATSC 3.0 broadcast service from its transmitter site south of the city.

    James Goodmon Jr., VP-GM of CBC New Media, pressed the button to begin transmitting the next-generation of television signal — an IP-based TV broadcast system that offers broadcasters and viewers alike dramatically enhanced TV service — from the station’s new GatesAir Maxiva transmitter and next-gen TV exciter.

    WRAL launched 3.0 with a simulcast of its noon news in 1080p and a 22-minute documentary, Take Me Out to the Bulls Game, in 4K/UHD with high dynamic range.

    WRAL’s launch of 3.0 is the latest in a long string of firsts. The station was the first commercial broadcaster to begin HDTV broadcasting, the first to launch an HD local newscast and first to transmit live ENG shots in HD from a helicopter.

    WRAL is transmitting its new 3.0 service on ch. 39 under an experimental license from the FCC.

    Currently, the only TV in the market that can receive WRAL’s 3.0 transmission is in the hands of the station.

    While finalization of the next-gen TV standard is still on track for some time in the first quarter of 2017, broadcasters will need to win FCC authorization before they can begin offering the new service en masse.

    Even after the new standard receives government approval, consumers will need to buy 3.0 receivers.

    WRAL says it hopes consumer electronics vendors will offer those by late 2017 so early adopters in the Raleigh-Durham market can soon begin enjoying the next generation of television.
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    WRAL-TV Launches Next-Gen Station

    WRAL-TV launches an ATSC 3.0 station.


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