Harris (ZAXCOM) DRC 1000 without external unit
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Thread: Harris (ZAXCOM) DRC 1000 without external unit

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    Harris (ZAXCOM) DRC 1000 without external unit

    I need your help. It has been in my hands one console Harris (ZAXCOM) DRC 1000.
    The problem is that I only have the drive of the console, but do not have the external unit.
    Knowing, if there is any way to function without this unit or in any other way?
    I attach two photos of console, lest they help.

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    I hope you didn't pay much for that thing!

    You should only need the external power supply, assuming it still is okay inside.

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    No, I did not pay much. What do you mean with external power supply? The console has an internal power supply. The issue is that the sources be connected. This console works with another box (which I have not) and I'm looking to see if there is another way of connecting the lines.

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    Have you tried asking Zaxcom? https://zaxcom.com/

    They may either have a parted-out one lying around that you could get the parts off of, or potentially the wiring/pin-out documentation, and you could grow your own.

    That being said; in the age of Behringer and Mackie, why would you want to put the time, money and effort in resurrecting a mixer that wasn't that good when it was new?

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