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Thread: Best way to rent out own studio

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    Hi radio fanatics!

    Since 2014 I've been doing a radio show out of Los Angeles for the Belgian (European) market. I have my own radio studio and would like to rent it out to other possible DJ's or on-air hosts that work based out of Los Angeles for a foreign market or for a different city. What do you guys think is the best way to promote this? Any pointers on which channels I should consider?

    Studio 01.jpg Studio 03.jpg LA Chill 01.jpg LA Chill (Kristien 02).jpg IMG_7316.JPG

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    That's a nice little setup you have there! I'd start with contacting various talent agencies in the Los Angeles area, to see if any of their clients would have a need for a studio like you have.

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    Thanks Kelly! That certainly is a good idea :-)

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