About the recent first name only thing.
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Thread: About the recent first name only thing.

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    About the recent first name only thing.

    What if people only have their first name and they already registered before the notification appeared? What will happen to their account, as they already have verified and already registered here? What about ones with their first name, but with numbers after it like me (7157)? Sure the first name only people will be flagged as a "Spammer" (not all flagged people are spammers), but what will happen to their verified account afterwards if they already verified via email, like usual, before the announcement?
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    Existing User Names will remain.
    There is no change in our rules.
    I put the notification up because many people attempt to create an account using their first names. When the User Name is rejected as a Spammer, they often send an email telling me that they are not a Spammer.
    I just want to make it easier for folks to register.


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