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Thread: What's wrong with iHeart Mobile HD radio?

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    What's wrong with iHeart Mobile HD radio?

    Tropo is fairly strong today. I can't get good signals from Fort Walton, 25 miles out.
    I can get the Mobile stations but when HD drops out there's about a 3 word delay.
    Does tropo effect HD signals differently than the Analog? Or is there just something set wrong in the WRKH control room?

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    I've never been all that happy with the HD from 99.9 and 96.1, they've always been problematic for me. But that said, the HD sidebands are highly susceptible to tropo or any other outside interference, so they are going to drop off long before the main signal does.

    Remember, in most cases in Mobile they're only running 1% of the analog power, so they will feel the effect of tropo quickly.

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