Airchecks: WFXB "The Fox" St. Louis--July 1993
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Thread: Airchecks: WFXB "The Fox" St. Louis--July 1993

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    Airchecks: WFXB "The Fox" St. Louis--July 1993

    Between 1991 and 1993, the St. Louis area had two stations that ran a simulcast, which was known as "The Fox." It was run by River Cities Broadcasting, which was headed by Barry Baker. Baker had recently purchased KSTZ (105.7) and leased WSNL (101.1) to create the simulcast. Both stations had been running adult contemporary formats--KSTZ was known as 'Kiss' and WSNL ran a light rock format known as 'Sunny 101.'

    After stunting with a computer-generated countdown, the simulcast began, and the stations adopted a Mellow Rock format with the call letters KFXB (105.7) and WFXB (101.1). During this time, the station ran a tightly programmed playlist of what would best be described as soft classic rock.

    In February 1993 the simulcast ended, as KFXB changed formats and became modern rock/alternative KPNT ("105-7 The Point"). WFXB continued on as "The Fox" with a few format tweaks until November 1995.

    One of those format tweaks happened in the summer of 1993. To compliment The Point, The Fox adopted a "AAA" format, and for a time offered a more adventurous playlist. It lasted for about seven months before the station began to move in a classic rock direction. I rolled tape of the station in the summer of 1993, and thought I would share what I have with you.

    Presented here are 4 1/2 hours of WFXB "The Fox" from late July 1993. The files are 192/44.1 and can be found at this folder link:

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    Thanks for posting these! Quite interesting.

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