Here's what I need:

A way to automate metadata transmitted to our Shoutcast server.

Scenario (Long Version):

Typically, audio files submitted for broadcast from our programmers will have the correct 'common file name' assigned for it, but occasionally, I'll get files dropped into our automation system (ZaraRadio) that will be labeled incorrectly. In turn, the metadata sent from Zara to our Shoutcast stream and our website will look rather odd from a listener's perspective.

For example, there is a show titled 'Matt's Basketweaving Jam Session', but for some reason, Matt labels the file 'Basketweaving20160510' and that's what will display on the stream and website. Normally, if the 'common file name' is used, this is not an issue, but as one can imagine, it's like herding cats when trying to get all of your programmers to follow the proper naming conventions.

That being said, short of setting up a task in Task Manager to update the titles with the correct 'common file name', is there an 'app for that' out there that can perform this function?

For live shows, this is not an issue as Zara sends the proper show name from a text file inserted in the live show's 'placeholder' playlist, as it were. Additionally, our programmers can manually generate song titles to the Shoutcast server using SHOUTCaster (freebie from Charlie Davy).

Scenario (Short Version):

I need an application that can read a schedule with show names and send metadata at the top of each hour with said show name to our Shoutcast server. Free would be nice.


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