Apartheid-era music censorship at the SABC
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Thread: Apartheid-era music censorship at the SABC

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    Apartheid-era music censorship at the SABC

    My curiosity was titillated by the fact that the last track on side B had been censored. The LP came from a radio station and the track ‘Up The Chiefs’ by Kid Manotcha had been scratched completely with a nail so it was unplayable. The typography on the label and artwork on the cover had been obscured.


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    Interesting article. The rest of that website has some really cool information on Southern African artists, too.

    I know S. Africa and surrounding areas had some good rock and pop groups -- most of which were never heard outside the subcontinent until the internet made it possible for their music to be heard.

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    Does anyone have a list of all the American entertainers who played Sun City during Aparthied?

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    ^^^^ For starters, you could check out the Sun City article on Wikipedia. There is a short list of artists who played Sun City there.

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