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Thread: KSDO scrambles to relocate

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    Quote Originally Posted by semoochie View Post
    How can 2.5KW cover just fine if you need at least 50KW to overcome all the noise?
    The 10 mV/m signal, which is what the ITU now considers the minimum usable AM signal in metro areas, covers less than half the metro population at this 2.5 kw operational level.
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    The STA provides day and night coverage (5mV/m) to over 80% of the COL, and that's fine per the FCC. Looking at their consulting engineer's coverage maps, daytime at 2.5kw shows signal loss to the north and east. However, night coverage as a non D is better than their 10kw thru six sticks! It's a temporary authorization...but we all know how STA's (like STD's) go on and on. YIKES!
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    I drove by KSDO's site on the 67 yesterday late afternoon, and the towers are still standing. Any ideas how long before they're taken down? (Does anyone remember how soon KCBQ's towers were taken down after their signal moved from Santee?)

    And David, your mentioning the 10 mV/m minimum signal level reminds me of something I've thought of. One of the things proposed in AM Revitalization, I think, is increasing the protected contour to 2 mV/m (from 0.5 mV/m). I'm assuming the protection ratio (26 dB) would stay the same.
    I was thinking, what kind of impact might it have if the protected contour was set at 10 mV/m, but the ratio significantly increased, to like 60 or 70 dB?

    Ideally I'd like to see the FCC crack down on man-made noise, so we could have signals of 25-50 ÁV/m in downtown L.A. be usable, but I think we all know how likely the FCC is to do anything about that. And of course a thunderstorm nearby would raise the noise floor. Speaking of which, any ideas what field strength you'd theoretically need in order to mask the static from a lightning strike close enough so the flash and bang are perceived simultaneously (like within 10 meters or so)?
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    The last KSDO tower fell Tuesday around 3:30 pm. Just a large pile of crumpled, 38 year old towers. At the old 2 tower S.D. location ( a 24 Hour Fitness resides there now) by I-15 & I-8
    the towers were dropped, and a Boy Scout Troop was allowed to dismantle & haul the everything away for scrap dollars.

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