Programming blocks with different music?
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Thread: Programming blocks with different music?

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    Programming blocks with different music?

    Does anybody else have these, where a certain kind of music airs in place of the usual "rotated around" stuff. For example KMXV has a '90s block from 7-9p on Sunday nights and electronic dance music from 9p-3a on Saturday nights. Also, not really a "block" butthere is also "Oh no you Didn't Dave O Play That" where Dave-O picks an obscure old song to play in between the hits around 4:35 p.m. Also 94.1 in Omaha has a "'90s to Now" Lunch segment. Anybody else do things like this?

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    K.M. Richards
    Weekends, being the days the ratings are not taken into account for most agency advertising buys, are often filled with special programming. This has been the case at least as far back in the 1970s with "American Top 40".

    Single song "features" are not uncommon either, but you will rarely find more than one or two on any given station.

    Lunchtime themed hours are also a staple of contemporary stations. These are usually focused on a subset of the station's playlist, like the example you gave. One of the earliest examples is the Flashback Lunch that used to air on KROQ/106.7 in the 1990s and 2000s, playing nothing but the 1980s songs which were the station's heritage but were playing less and less often in regular rotation.

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