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Thread: Rock and Roll Radio Stations in the 50's and 60's

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    All the other cars were playing WFUN.
    But WFUN did not go Top 40 until considerably later than WQAM. And, while it briefly beat WQAM, the departure of Dick Starr and then the arrival of WMYQ doomed it and its very deficient signal.
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    Don't forget Buffalo's WKBW and Virginia's WLEE, WROV and WGH.." old Virginia !!".

    Pittsburgh's KQV

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    Yet no one has yet to mention the most melodic calls in all of top 40 radio history, KIOA 940 Des Moines. And their nemesis throughout the 60s, KSO 1460.

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    KIOA is still on the air going strong, far as I know.
    No irony there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silkie View Post
    KIOA is still on the air going strong, far as I know.
    KIOA is on 93.3 with classic hits. 940 is KPSZ with paid religion. And 1460 is KXNO with Fox Sports.

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    Northern Arizona
    KRUX 1360, KRIZ 1230, KRDS 1190, KUPD 1060 were Phoenix area r&r most notably. KRUX and KRIZ dominated and made each other better in tuned with us listeners.
    In Nebraska area, my relatives enjoyed KLMS 1480, in Lincoln. KOIL 1290 in Omaha, KWBE in Beatrice. Nighttime brought in KOMA, WLS & KAAY the mighty 1090 in Little Rock.
    Not sure when XERF in Del Rio, Texas played Wolfman Jack, but it seems like the mid 1960's. XERF was a huge blowtorch transmitting from just across the border in Mexico.

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    Some from the NW US:
    Seattle: KJR 950, KOL 1300, KING 1090
    Tacoma: KTAC 850
    Spokane: KJRB 790
    Yakima: KMWX 1460
    Portland: KISN 910, KGW 620
    Nampa, ID (near Boise): KFXD 580 (station now moved to another frequency)
    Kelso - Longview WA: KLOG 1490
    Vancouver BC Canada: CKLG 730, CFUN 1410
    Victoria BC Canada: CJVI (can't recall the frequency, 900 I think -- station doesn't exist anymore)

    There are undoubtedly others from that era, but those are probably the main WA and OR rock stations of the AM era.

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    The Northeast was flooded with Top 40 stations back then......Blowtorches AND regional name a few:
    Manchester, NH --- WKBR (1250), WFEA (1370)
    Laconia, NH -- WEMJ (1490)
    Westbrook (Portland), ME -- WJAB (1440)
    Hartford, CT -- WDRC (1360), WPOP (1410)
    Boston -- WRKO (680), WMEX (1510)
    And a surprisingly large number of LOCAL stations that jumped on the bandwagon (or is that "Bandstand"....??!)....
    Boy, I sure miss this era .....No $$ to be had programming "oldies" in MOST markets...
    Luckily, I have a pretty decent music library.....and can "return to those thrilling days of yesteryear" frequently!!

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    Jacksonville, FL area
    WAPE - Jacksonville

    WBBQ - Augusta

    Adding two more stations.

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