Q: What do I need to automate to block out certain shows on the webstream?
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Thread: Q: What do I need to automate to block out certain shows on the webstream?

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    Question Q: What do I need to automate to block out certain shows on the webstream?

    Hello fellow radio folks, I hope this is the right place to post this. I work for a community radio station, and I was wondering if anyone here would help give me some advice or leads where I can start looking for a solution.

    What I am looking for is software (or any hardware tricks) that will be able to block out automatically (silence) shows on our web stream at certain times due to that strict copyright regulations. So basically what can be played on the terrestrial signal can't be aired on the webstream. (I.E. Full albums).

    Any ideas, let me know. I thank anyone in advance for your time and help. I am just looking for some direction.

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    I'm sure that we can offer some suggestions but we really need more information.

    Is the station automated or live?
    If automated, what automation software are you using?

    The more information that you can provide, the better we can help.

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    It can be done fairly easy, depends on the hardware and software you are using, your budget and if you want a pro solution or just a patch.

    First question: Do you webcast via a physical encoder or do you use a PC?

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    Hi Frankberry,

    Thanks for your reply. The station is partly live and automated. At the moment we use Zara Studio for the automation. For the webstream we use the Nicecast software using an Apple computer to stream with. The DJs and Talk hosts use various media sources in the studio such as digital playback on the DJ computer (separate from the automation CPU), Vinyl, 8-Track (Yes we actually have an 8-Track show , CDs, etc. I hope that helps a bit more.

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    Hi Broadcast Guy,

    Yeah, unfortunately, we are on a budget as we depend on donations, underwriting, etc. We are currently struggling each month sometimes to 'keep the lights on'. So I am just looking for a cheap and doable solution in the mean time. I am willing to try anything that will get us by. Any links or software I can look into myself I would appreciate some leads.I apologies for sounding helpless, this is new in my area, even though I have had experience in radio since the early 90s. :P

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    You can install Zara Radio in the PC making the webcast and feed the stream via the line in option (a.k.a. satellite in Zara Radio) and program something else to trigger to the webcast when you have to air the copyrighted show.

    The audio from the console will enter the streaming computer via the line in jack and will be running through Zara Radio all the time, just program it to stop and then play again once that particular show is finished.

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    Thanks for your time and help broadcast guy. I will try that. I forgot about the Satellite feature in Zara Studio. I will read up on this and see how I can get this working!

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