First, I'd like to say, Radio Buzz 101 will have the return of Smokin Willie B, tonight February 13 2016 with the new show Saturday Night Party USA!

Willie has been heard on...

WAVZ 13WAVZ New Haven
WKCI KC 101 New Haven
JB 105 Proividence
WHTT Boston
WFLC Miami

Quite the 80s Party Punk...there's no one better to fire up a party on the weekend with all sorts of assorted party materials.

Onto the topic...

Radio Buzz 101 has been on the air for nearly three years at .

We play a great heap of goodies from the 80's to today, we call it Real Alternative, cause genre is too sensitive :P

As of this post, our DJs are as follows (EST);

Dr. Chris & Hozay - Mornings 8AM - Noon
Sabrina - Noon - 4PM
Eddie Stone - 4PM - 8PM\ [Eddie Vedder/Stone Gossard, do you see what we did there lol]
Capt'n Kirk - 8PM - 12AM
Johnny Moon - 12AM - 4AM


Anthony - Sat Morning 6AM - 10AM
Suzanne - Sat Morning 10AM - 3PM
Ron Osbourne - Saturday 3PM - 7PM
Smokin Willie B - Saturday Night Party USA 7PM - 12AM


Jeff Stark - 3PM - 6PM
[Jeff is the Lead Vocalist for the Legendary Alt Band Malfunkshun]


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