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Thread: Old School 87.7 or there abouts

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    Old School 87.7 or there abouts

    Old School 99.3 is now down on 87.75 (aka 87.7) My late model car radio only goes down to 89.9, so all I get is some slop from it.

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    Hey,, it sounds good, at least it is something different, oldies soul...Is this where the Spanish signal was?

    I actually love this, with all the Bullshit that clear channel and cox and clueless throw at us this is great..Plus no commercials....

    OLDSCHOOL 87.7
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    How much longer do these analog LPTV Channel 6 Franken-FMs have before the FCC forces them off the air?
    "When broadcasting over the radio, there are certain words we must omit.
    Like 'BEEP' and 'BUZZ' and 'GOBBLE-GOBBLE', by gosh we can't even say shhhhhaving cream!"

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    It better than the other **** up the dial...Playing Al Green right now, I love it.

    max100. Watch your language.
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    K.M. Richards
    Quote Originally Posted by jabba17 View Post
    How much longer do these analog LPTV Channel 6 Franken-FMs have before the FCC forces them off the air?
    It was supposed to be September 1 of last year, except that the FCC suspended that deadline in October 2014, saying that LPTV stations ...
    ... "are a source of diverse and local programming for viewers, especially in rural and remote locations."
    The Commission has set no new deadline for the low-power analog shutdown and is allegedly researching the potential impact of the incentive auction and the repacking process on LPTV and TV translator stations.

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    This old school R&B format is the original format they launched with on OLD SCHOOL 99.3. They quickly switched over to classic hip hop the same time or a week before BOOM 102.9 and OG 97.9 came on air.

    This old school R&B format on 87.7 is what Atlanta has been missing Urban wise. KISS 104.1 once played all old school R&B, but they started adding newer music and now they've added classic hip hop to keep listeners from BOOM and OG.

    It's a bit weird they are playing the drops from 99.3. The TOH id's as WTBS, Channel 6, Old School 87.7. Any chance of Hegwood placing OLD SCHOOL on 101.1 FM? That signal has a permit to move closer to Atlanta off Briarcliff.
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    Does anyone know how many watts this is, it seems to have an awesome signal.

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    Picking it up in Macon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by musicislife View Post
    Picking it up in Macon.
    That is what I mean, it covers a huge area.

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