My Light Bulb's Burned Out
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Thread: My Light Bulb's Burned Out

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    My Light Bulb's Burned Out

    Hey Frank, my little green light bulb quit coming on next to my screen name. I'm fully logged in, everything appears to be normal elsewhere, but no light. Everyone else online is illuminated, I can see theirs, but not me.

    Could you change my light bulb for me?

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    Whatever you did, Frank, I'm illuminated again. Thanks!

    Any idea as to why I now have to log in twice though? Tried responding to a private message and the site kicked me back upon sending, with a message that "you are not logged in". I keep the "remember me" button checked, so I'm not sure what went wrong. This is a new problem for me.

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    I'm clueless, purple. It wouldn't be the first time for me.

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    Huh. Well, I'm not having any problems posting so we'll see if any thing else quirky arises down the road and I'll let you know.

    Thanks again, Frank.

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