Dance Board of the World Wide Vibe: Is anyone left?
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Thread: Dance Board of the World Wide Vibe: Is anyone left?

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    Dance Board of the World Wide Vibe: Is anyone left?

    Hmmm, I think this past year the board has had the least amount of new threads in quite some time. The past few days before the holiday, I was looking through some of the archives of this forum from back when it was on Radio-Info and it's incarnations over the years roughly from late 1999 (the earliest archive I could pull) up to the early 2010s reminiscing the dance music trends and some songs that stood out enough to be discussed here. Anywho, since the downturn on this board, I was wondering whether there was still any from yesteryears that still peep back to this forum from time to time or do you think the purpose of the board has ran its course? Comments?

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    Yeah it was fun in those days, hoping dance music would break in to the mainstream. There was a lot of great dance music coming out in the early 2000s. Many of us had high hopes for Dance CHRs springing up all over America. At the time there were barely any 'dancy' tracks spun on Top 40 or Rhythmic. Then the sound was sort of co-opted by the mainstream and by some hip-hop artists etc and things changed a bit.

    The funny things is that back then, the idea of David Guetta and Calvin Harris being played on Top 40 was a distant dream. But it ended up happening, which if you think about it, is pretty great.

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    I suppose that's true. Assuming that these days that's indeed what's occurred since it appears that the less amount of people criticizing the amount of dance product out there (regardless of subgenre) usually means that the masses are receiving a good amount of dance music to at least satisfy some degree of dance audiophiles ears. I'm wondering whether the younger set generation is having similar amount of enthusiasm about EDM now than say those who were younger when the late 90s/early to mid 00s dance music was all the rage at that time then. Probably also has to do with how easier it is to get access to this kind of music now compared to then.

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