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Thread: How many and list all of the Country stations you have preset on your car radio.

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    103.5 WTCM Traverse City
    99.7 WDKF Sturgeon Bay, WI
    94.9 WKZC Scottville
    (the only three country stations receivable 95% of the time [there is a fourth but it's // to 99.7])

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    Quote Originally Posted by vchimpanzee View Post
    98.1 WBRF Galax, VA
    550 WAME Stateville NC
    1490 WSTP Salisbury NC

    I had one for 1430 WMNC Morganton NC but I only use that once a year. Well, once going to the mountains and once coming back. And I needed another button.
    Well, I have my button back. WSTP went under. actually, the button is for oldies WLXN but I only listen to that one out of curiosity.

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    WCTK New Bedford MA/Providence RI
    WBWL Lynn/Boston MA
    WKLB Waltham/Boston MA
    Sometimes WOKQ Dover/Manchester/Portsmouth/Concord, NH
    Occasionally WORC-FM Webster/Worcester MA

    While at my second home in Cape Cod:
    WKPE So. Yarmouth/Hyannis MA
    Sometimes WOKQ when the conditions are right

    While at my second home in York County, ME:
    WTBU York Center ME/Portsmouth NH
    WBQQ Kennebunkport/Biddeford/Saco ME
    WPOR Portland ME
    WTHT Auburn/Lewiston/Portland. ME
    WPKQ North Conway NH/Portland/Lewiston ME (the largest signal of all country stations east of the Mississippi)
    Sometimes WMCM Rockland/Camden/Belfast ME, WCTK and WNHW Belmont/Concord/Laconia NH pop up (along with the former country station WOXO (now WEZR) Norway/Lewiston/Auburn ME/North Conway NH

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    South of the MN River suburbs (Minneapolis, MN)
    lets see...only have 6 presets per band on the factory stereo (2 bands FM 1 AM)
    KEEY 102.1 (K102) Minneapolis, MN...push seek right and KMNB 102.9 Buz'n Country is next
    KLCI 106.1 (Bob 106) Elk River, MN

    Lake House (30 miles east of Brainerd, MN or 100 miles north of Minneapolis)
    KKIN 94.3 Aitkin, MN (satellite fed classic country...the old Jones Radio then Dial Global now Westwood1) seek down is KBLB 93.3 Nisswa new country
    WWJO 98.1 St Cloud (they are one of only 2 Class C stations north of the Twin Cities...there are only 5 total in MN outside of the metro). So basically I could listen to it from my house in SW burbs of Minneapolis all the way to the lake house which is a 2 1/2 hour drive

    WVAL 800 Sauk Rapids/St Cloud classic country (locally owned/locally run)
    KLGB 1310 Glencoe (25 miles west of me)...same satellite fed as KKIN
    *KCHK 1350 New Prague, MN

    The reason there is a * ahead of KCHK is they do play classic country but only from 9-11:25AM M-F and they run the same satellite fed as the other 2 stations noted above but from 6p-5a M-F, saturdays it varies on start time (early as 11a, late as 2p) and Sunday nights from 9p-5a. They are a locally run station with a variety of music during the days (polkas, oldies, classic country) with some news thrown in. Sundays from 6a-9p its polkas except for the 4 church services they have in the mornings

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