Looking for advice on KVM extenders
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Thread: Looking for advice on KVM extenders

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    Looking for advice on KVM extenders

    I need to extend keyboard, mouse, and monitor 25 feet away. Is it safe to assume a KVM extender is needed for that distance? If so, any recommendations for make and model? Thanks.

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    I've seen one case, where a computer was put in a rack room and the monitor, keyboard and mouse were successfully extended to the control room... about that far away. I acquired a client station that has its audio switcher connected through a serial line to a computer that has to be over 50 away. I've had no problems with it in over 10 years, but that doesn't mean everything would work under those conditions.

    In any case, it can't hurt you to try it out for yourself and go from there. Cables are available from nearly any office supply or computer store. A local shop might even have the cables you need in their "junk" box, and let you 'try before you buy'.

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    I wouldn't assume that. USB can easily be extended to 25 ft' with copper, and Corning has some fibre optic USB cables that are rated for hundreds of feet (no personal experience with these). You might even get away with wireless keyboard and mouse.

    I know that HDMI ports for monitors will work at 25', haven't tried 30' but you can buy 50' HDMI cables at Amazon.
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    Extending your monitor will be no problem. I have one operating at the end of a 100 foot cable, I extend the mouse and keyboard (USB) with a little device that uses CAT-5 cable. If you are willing to live with USB 1.1 the device will cost about $25 or 30. The beauty of this low-tech device is that you can wake up the sleeping computer because the circuit remains in something of a USB format. My disappointment was wanting to have a hub and maybe plug in a camera or a tablet but many of those devices want USB 2.0 or better. All the conversion devices I found for faster USB converted to a NETWORK protocol of some kind and a sleeping computer would not respond to any suggestions that it was time to wake up. Also, these network protocol fast USB devices get much more costly. But a 25 foot run should be a piece of cake without exotic fibers etc.
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