Cumulus launches new alternative in Kansas City.
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Thread: Cumulus launches new alternative in Kansas City.

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    Cumulus launches new alternative in Kansas City.

    It's called "102.5 The Underground" and it goes parallel to powerhouse 96.5 the Buzz. I think it sounds decent. What do you think of this?

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    I haven't tuned in yet. I recall a hard alternative on an FM translator a few years ago in KC I forgot what it was called or who owned it - it sounded good against maybe the softer folkier sounds of current alternative. It's always great to see more than one commercial alt. station in a market.

    96.5 The Buzz is a nice heritage station in the format. They are currently in the middle of a Leftovers Weekend and just played Replacements "Alex Chilton" into Ben Folds Five "Army" into Bloodhound Gang "The Bad Touch" into Bjork "Human Behaviour." Who gave them direct access to my classic alternative Spotify playlist

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    It's now X105.1 and on a larger signal. Here are my thoughts:

    I'm bias and love The Buzz. I'm out of Atlanta and stream The Buzz along with WEQX. It's true alternative vs what a lot of stations try. The Buzz has been an interesting station to follow after their re-imaging and local support (#SaveTheBuzz campaign). Station shot up in the ratings after the campaign. The Buzz is also very very local.

    X105.1 is a bit harder but Cumulus does much better with alternative than Iheart. Cumulus leans newer while Iheart plays with the top hits of alternative and lots of 90s. Cumulus also sneaks in harder alt stuff from the 2ks like System of a Down where as Iheart will not touch it. X105.1 will not dive so quickly into the folkier indie stuff vs The Buzz. However, The Buzz will introduce you to newer artist first. I like the buzz because even though they have a indie/folk side, they are not an AAA station and will still play your industrial music (NIN).

    In Atlanta, considering ratings, I would like to see X105.1 style alternative to take out the Iheart Radio 105.7 which is a horrible horrible station.

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