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Thread: Local News in E. WA is in a sad state

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    As I've said before, all the Yakima stations come in as Ellensburg is considered Yakima DMA. 4 and 5 Seattle are on part-time feeds and blacked out in primetime. 7 and 13 are not carried. 7 used to be carried in the past, 13 used to be on an OTA translator with no blackouts. KCYU must have complained as 13 no longer runs a translator out there.
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    Noticed that KEPR/KIMA ran the Sinclair KOMO documentary "Seattle is dying" this evening. This controversial documentary is actually not a bashing of Seattle, but a wakeup call. Glad to see Sinclair atleast promoting good work from their local stations to some of their feeder markets. While I have serious problems with Sinclair, I like this move. I hope they send it to Boise as well.

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