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    How do I edit profile

    I wanted to edit my profile. Someone entered my wrong date of birth on there. Don't know how they got into my account to begin with. Anyway I couldn't find where to edit profile. I am using a mobile device.

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    You probably should be on a computer to edit your profile. Click on "SETTINGS" in the upper right corner of the screen. On the left side of the "SETTINGS" screen, you will see "EDIT PROFILE." You can edit your personal information on that page. Be sure to click "SAVE CHANGES" before you exit the page.

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    If your birthday said Jan. 1 1980 that's because it was never updated. I've actually never updated mine, so it shows like I'm 35, which woul be nice if it was true.

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    First, I'm glad to see Radio Discussions back.
    I posted a story but later I wanted to add to it but could not figure out how to edit my post, so I ended up re posting the story with the extra info. All I want to do is delete the first post. but how?

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