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Thread: Salem picks up 1440

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    Salem picks up 1440

    Salem is getting its 4th AM in the market. With 980 (Christian talk/teaching), 1280 (SRN conservative talkers) and 1570 (Business), what does Salem add? Does it bring its Spanish teaching format to 1440 (or move Business to the stronger 1440 signal)?

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    Is there enough of a Spanish-speaking audience who want to hear paid preaching shows, for Salem to put Radio Luz on 1440? Will enough listeners send in contributions to the preachers to make it profitable? Or maybe just move the Business format to 1440 and spin off 1570?

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    Salem sells its airtime as a network. So, if it can get its Spanish speaking rent-a-preachers to pay extra to be on in the market, you could easily see Radio Luz in the Twin Cities. Keep in mind that it also has enough rent-a-preachers that it can have two English-language teaching stations in a few markets, like Boston and Phoenix.

    I doubt you'll see them sell 1570. Salem isn't in the business of selling stations unless it can get a fortune for them, and I can't imagine anybody spending much on 1570.

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    Salem only has 2 AMs in Omaha, and one is Spanish religion. It started as their conservative talk network, but that was dropped and replaced with Radio Luz. The other is pay-for-play preachers, with an FM running CCM.

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