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Thread: Too many Classic Country shows.

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    K.M. Richards
    Quote Originally Posted by bossbill View Post
    ALL music formats must evolve. To remain the same while the audience grows older is suicidal. That means that every year, some older songs disappear, being replaced by music that is one year newer.
    While that is certainly true for virtually all formats, I'm trying to figure out where in context it belongs in this thread. Please share with us your thought process so we can properly reply.

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    My station, WRSG, would very much appreciate airing at least one classic country show. If any of these hosts peruse these boards, please PM me if you are interested in having more exposure in West Virginia and southeastern Ohio.

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    Here you go Greg Goodfellow,
    Im not with the show but Randy Yates is extremely popular with this show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34james View Post
    THANK YOU! If he handles noncoms, we're in.

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    Hey PT: I'm still here, that affiliate link in ancient-oh, there's this. ~Rowdy

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