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Thread: Phone and email SPAM and SCAM alerts

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    Update an office in India is being investigated for the Microsoft Scam on telephones.

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    An email purporting to come from the IRS, offering free assistance in filing my 2018 tax return.

    There is an attachment marked "Summary of Accounts" which I am sure is just loaded with crypto-locker trojans or something.

    Oh, and the mail comes from a .vn domain, which is Vietnam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vchimpanzee View Post
    I just got at least my third call since they began from a company that supposedly provides computer tech support. The company is required to notify those of us who were supposedly getting service from them because it is shutting down, and we are supposed to call 888-408-3028.
    Now I'm getting calls again, but it is a different number I'm supposed to call.

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