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Thread: Current Favorite Microphones/Mic Processors

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    Current Favorite Microphones/Mic Processors

    #1 RODE NT1 (not NT1A) I thought about keeping this discovery all to myself, but that's no fun. Perfect for production or voice over, but sounds great when used for on-air voice tracks too. Simply an amazing mic, with extremely low noise. It's currently my all time favorite mic right now. Way underrated. It's (NT1 Mic & Shockmount) also a physical masterpiece.

    #2 Shure SM27 (KSM 27 improved, with lower noise). Another great mic.

    #3 Shure KSM27 Now discontinued, still a great sounding budget priced mic on ebay (retailed for $575 when brand new).

    All above are affordably priced cardioid condenser mics. If you're tired of the ol' RE20 and SM7B standards, and want to take it to the next level, or even higher, for little $$, give these mics a try.

    When it comes to mic processor sound, performance, and value (let me save you some time and work), the Symetrix 528E is still on the top of my list. Believe it or not, my #2 choice is the Behringer Ultra Voice VX2000, or Digital VX2496. How that mic processor never caught on, I'll never know.

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    I would add the Heil Pro 40 to the list. And it's American made.

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