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    Not true. My owner, having his CP expire while being a caregiver for his wife until her passing had his permit renewed for another 3 years. The FCC does consider this stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uknowit View Post
    As I said, no sympathy. Just issued an hour ago.

    SOUTHEAST TEXAS TELECOM, LLC, LICENSEE OF STATION KLLS(AM), BEAUMONT, TEXAS. The Media Bureau issues a $1,500 Forfeiture Order to Southeast Texas Telecom, LLC, for failure to timely file a license renewal application for Station KLLS(AM), Beaumont, Texas. Action by: Chief, Audio Division, Media Bureau. Adopted: 2018-06-12 by Forfeiture Order. (DA No. 18-609). MB.
    Looks like Frank needs to ban J** again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stan View Post
    Looks like Frank needs to ban J** again.
    Even if Uknowit is Joe, why go ballistic on an FCC-based regulatory response. Save your venom for actual evidence of --- Egad -- Pirates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stan View Post
    Looks like Frank needs to ban J** again.
    No Stan, no xxx here. Just another John Doe working in the dying radio industry. Company sent out a memo prohibiting employees from participating on this board, so I have to be here incognito.

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    That's the thing about this board. Anyone can be anonymous using any username they want to. I have no part in the radio industry, and therefore don't care if my real name slips out from time to time, as someone working in the industry might.

    I think the industry's dying since companies like Apple and Google got rid of the headphone jack in their latest phones. If the headphone jacks were still there, radio would be able to work on those devices. Heck, even a 3rd party could build a Micro-USB to 3.5 MM adapter with a radio chip and have a radio app of their own. That might please the bitter broadcasters. LOL those broadcasters could start thinking outside the box and making an app/adapter for lifing their industry.

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    The forfiture order "issued an hour ago" was because ContinuousWave didn't file a license renewal for KLLS on time. It has nothing to do with the translator on 99.1. I looked at it.
    Luckily for him $1500 isn't a big fine.

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    The NAL was issued back in late March....I tried to get on installment plan but first had to talk with Treasury about back owed fees and Treasury is a PITA to deal with..leave VMs and they never return calls...another AM had the same problem.. had their license deleted but after a PFR stating the issue, the FCC reinstated their Uknowit doesn't know everything...
    Yeah I F'ed up and was late The station was off during the time and I've been trying to fix the array..that costs other projects have me busy...
    It will all work out...I hope
    Last edited by ContinuousWave; 06-13-2018 at 02:09 PM.

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    Funny how the FCC says I'm a Beaumont station...when I AM licensed to Lumberton..🤔🤔

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    Has the station been on the air at all in the last year? When I go visit the casinos in lake Charles I try to tune in and canít remember the last time I was able to hear it.

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    I think it's on but at low power right now or something.

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