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    Quote Originally Posted by LDM View Post
    Has the station been on the air at all in the last year? When I go visit the casinos in lake Charles I try to tune in and canít remember the last time I was able to hear it.
    Yes, I've heard it multiple times in the past year while driving through The Triangle.

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    Thank you for the updates, CW - I feel your pain and hope you get back to okey-dokey-ville with the FCC soon.

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    It's silent since February 17 under STA... Harvey did some damage to the array ATUs that was discovered after it came back on February 12.....slow work but hope to be back ASAP

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    LOL we're still using the same thread from 2015 commenting on MusicRadio 1300.

    Were you able to go live DJs with the station and have a studio, CW? Obviously you're not on right now, but was it ever live before now?

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    Had studios planned and built but lack of advertising stalled that...had Larry King formerly of ZOOM 104.5 wanting to do mornings..Donna Nichols, formerly of KD97 for middays...the legend Barry Kaye was interested in afternoon drive...BUT Larry got divorced and moved back to Dallas...Barry upped and retired and recently remarried..may be able to coax Larry back..maybe get Barry to do a weekend gig remotely but not's been rough with an AM to get advertising..listerners are there but those who advertise have a negative view on AM even with a great format that blows the competition away.. people who hear the station love it..either on air or the stream...the FM hopefully will fix that...but I blame the radio manufacturers...if they built better AM radios, with stereo and noise blanking to cut out static, etc, it would put AM on equal foot..AM stereo sounds as good if not richer than's not the mode but the cheap receivers but the FCC won't help at all (they could mandate such improvements and Kintronics Lab, who builds AM directional arrays equipment, has suggested all that's gonna take the general public bitching to the FCC and radio makers to get it changed

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    BTW Larry and I did a live show for a week two years ago during the Village Creek Festival..Cool925 folks drove by and gave us a hard look over..they WERE worried...yet some folks at Cool were interested in what we had going..a few that don't do on air at Cool were wanting to do an air shift at Musicradio on weekends.. because they loved the non corporate programming...even borrowed a Marti from them LoL

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    With radio stations it's all about the processing and equalizer. I have a cheap FM transmitter that, although I don't mean to brag, sounds as good if not nicer than other FM stations on the dial that either have their loudness turned up all the way or use bad audio quality for their transmitter feeds, or both...
    There's this pirate in my city I've heard on the air many times, it's not always on but when it is it sounds excellent. They must know what they're doing as far as audio equipment goes. I wish the corporate broadcasters didn't have to fight the loudness war, LOL.

    As for advertising I totally understand your situation. Hopefully you can get everything in order and working properly.

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    Processing, etc does not improve the AM radio fidelity....the IF is limited and audio rolls off at 3kHz these days.....An older AM radio (tunable, not Digital PLL) has a wider bandwidth (though still not wide enough for full clarity) AM stereo radio?? YEP, that makes any AM station sound great....and mine sounds better than the FM competition...I have a 15 band DBX EQ ahead of an Optimod 6300 processor...but eventually, a Optimod 9100A2 AM stereo processor will replace it....for proper matrix of the L-R...the 6300 will go to the FM signal..Audio processing is a pet peeve of mine....I find a lot of FM squashing the had the AGC cranked to max...I set it back down to 10db and the quality came up....(Bob Orban got the settings from me of before and after I set them...he laughed at the $1000/day Golden Ear paid by the owners who did jack!! 30 mins after I did my adjustments, the PD gave me a BIG thumbs up) You can have LOUD and clean...but too many out there dont these days

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