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    The saving grace of a high power signal in a low population town is you have a bigger area to work within getting the signal to have a decent signal in a bigger market. If I recall, the frequencies in Rocksprings,Texas could move to about 25-30 miles of Del Rio so they could target Del Rio and Ciudad Acuna with almost 250,000 versus the 2,000 that lived in the 2,000 square mile Edwards County where Rocksprings is located, some 60 or so miles from Del Rio.

    Still the actions there days are mostly for places that could likely never support the day to day operation of a full power station. One place I know from the last auction before this had 800 in the county that was huge. The past 3 newspapers that town had couldn't make ends meet. They better suited for a LPFM instead.

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    I would imagine an FM auction will be coming up sometime next year (107.9 Sacramento will probably be up and will also likely be the largest bid ever).

    In Michigan, there are a few vacant allocations, and there might be one or two that could be viable:
    93.3 (C3) Onekama (was won in a previous auction but was never built; could work if paired with another station (such as 102.7 WMOM))
    96.3 (C1) Houghton (an existing station had a CP to move here years ago but never went through with it)
    98.9 (A) Lake Isabella (was originally located in Walhalla, but moved to Lake Isabella, which allowed 98.7 to be dropped in at Ludington (now WLDN); station never made it to the air in either place despite being licensed)
    99.9 (A) Carney (there was a station here, but it had its license yanked)
    99.9 (A) Custer
    101.3 (A) Pigeon

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