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Thread: Miranda Disappeared??

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    Miranda Disappeared??

    I run an internet radio station that runs closely based on the country charts. One chart, the Billboard Airplay chart, in particular, I saw Little Red Wagon completely disappear last week. It was in the top 15 and had been climbing. Then it fell off. It didn't go back down, or even on the Recurrents chart. Just gone. I figured with her recent awards and world records, that would keep her latest single charging up the charts. I still don't see her on this week's chart (released today, 5/13), which is why I'm posting this.

    Does anyone have some idea on why this might have happened? Most songs that get up into the top 20, at least fall into the Recurrents chart. I know I'm not horribly savvy on all things charts, but I'd like to think this is actually something unusual.

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    5/2 chart went up from 19 to 18 but lost its bullet - audience was 16 million.
    5/9 chart went down to 24 -- audience was 11.6 million.
    5/16 chart it fell off since it was the 3rd wk without a bullet.

    the 10th recurrent song had 9.9 million so miranda wanst even in the top 10 recurrents since her aud was below that.

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    Thanks for that added data! I don't have full access to that info. Is it available?
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    I signed up for their newsletter gets emailed to me 2x a wk.

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    Is there a link to sign up for that publication? That's awesome!
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    Yep i put the link in my above post.

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    That song deserves what happened to it.

    She's better than that.

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    ^^^ Amen to that!

    God bless you and Miranda always!!!


    P.S. I hope that her next release is a song that can be taken more seriously. Considering what was in her face so much growing up, she knows that life is not all glitter and shine anyways and I love when she sings about the more serious things in life and why not sing about them? Its obvious that they are not going anywhere.
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    Her new hit "Smokin and Drinkin" looks to be performing worse than “Little Red Wagon”. Time for a new album.

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    Maybe the problem is breaking up with Blake. If they got back together her music might improve.

    Who am I kidding? Everything was probably recorded before that.

    And if she's angry over her breakup she's going to back to the "Gunpowder and Lead" style.

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