How does Journeys compare to an active or alternative station?
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Thread: How does Journeys compare to an active or alternative station?

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    How does Journeys compare to an active or alternative station?

    I'm not quite sure how to ask this question.

    I buy a lot of my shoes at Journeys. I only wear Converse Chuck Taylors but Journeys has a lot of colors. And during the time I am in the store there are TV screens playing some kind of music. It might be that the mix is actually CHR, since some of it is dance or hip-hop.

    But a lot of the songs appear to fit the alternative format and probably active rock as well. There are those who say active rock is in trouble since there are not enough new songs. While merely having a video playing in Journeys is not proof the song is new, it looks to me as if there's no shortage of new material.

    And then someone might say this music mix wouldn't necessarily work on radio, but it somehow serves its purpose in Journeys. So even if the band or song was supposedly popular enough to get airplay in the store, radio might not want the band or the song.

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    I haven't looked to see if there is any kind of playlist online, but in my last two visits there are these songs I saw the names of:

    "Kids in the Dark" (I assume this means All-Time Low), and "Young and Dumb", but I'm not sure which group.

    There was also Fences, but I can't remember if that's a song or a group.

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    Before anyone asks, there's something about liking the shoes in Journeys, and the small size of the store, which makes the music less of a problem.

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    And I can't remember if Moose Blood was a song or a group.

    Since I didn't see any new colors, I didn't stay long enough for more and it's amazing I timed my visit right for one. I should have seen the end of another video.

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