Denmark delays FM shutdown
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Thread: Denmark delays FM shutdown

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    Denmark delays FM shutdown

    Denmark’s plan to shut down all FM band’s by 2019 has changed, according to a release published on the Danish Ministry of Culture website.

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    You gotta be kidding! DAB is failing all over the world, HD Radio is in ruins here in North America, and everyone is going to the internet for digital music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackgold View Post
    HD Radio is in ruins here in North America
    HD is doing better now than ever.

    Two things are instrumental in this:

    1. The FCC allows translators for HD-2 and beyond channels. There are several hundred HD + Translator stations on the air now, many with big ratings.

    2. In many markets, lots of HD channels are being leased for ethnic programming or religious programming. The income from this can be substantial in major markets.
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